Thursday, January 31, 2013

Today in Toddlerexia

The toddler keeps changing her mind about food, and I swear it's just to make me run around trying to cook all day.  She's turning into a bigger and bigger anti-food toddler stereotype.  She's been narrowing her acceptable-foods list for a while now, but lately it's gotten ridiculous.  For the last two days the only things she'll eat have been:
  • miso soup (I'm lucky we have a T&T grocery in town)
  • chicken nuggets & fries (because DUH, that's why)
  • banana/chocolate chip muffin (but not *actual* bananas, not today)
  • chocolate pudding (she's just discovered this magic, as she was sick and it was on sale)
  • pita bread with nothing on it (she's odd)
I fooled her into eating some cheese by hiding it in the pita bread, but I think she's still angry with me...though she used to love cheese with an unholy toddlerian passion. 
Lately I feel like I should just throw most foods directly into the trash - I've recently thrown out more uneaten-but-manhandled-so-I-don't-want-it cereal, oatmeal, toast, yogurt, ravioli and pasta than I care to remember. 
I'm supplementing with flintstone vitamins and milk and presenting her with a lot of food options and hoping she doesn't need any of the nutrients she's shunning right at this particular stage of development.

Do your children eat more than 5 different foods during a given week?  Is it just my crazy little girl?

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  1. I just read the first half or so of "The Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family", since I was worried that my just-turned-1-year-old is eating only a few spoonfuls of solid food a day. It was recommended by my nutritionist, who is helping me recover from disordered eating and also incidentally helping me make sure I don't pass it on to the kids in my care.

    The book is by Ellyn Satter. I was able to get it from my local library. I highly recommend it - it eased my mind immensely!