Monday, May 21, 2012

School's Out for the Summer

Last Thursday, my oldest finished his last day of preschool. He will officially be a kindergartener next year. This is an exciting time in a boy’s life. He runs around telling me 2+3 is 5 and 6+6 is 12. He is READY. I am NOT ready however, especially for summer break.

You see, I have a summer full of activities to plan. Mostly with one purpose in mind. To keep my boys from fighting.

I am terrified at the prospect of the summer. Right now, my 2-year-old gets a half a day break from his brother while he is at school 4 days a week. No longer. Now, they can endlessly torture each other (and therefore, me) for hours and hours on end. Today, I sat down and wrote out a schedule for every day of the week. It includes lots of backyard play time. LOTS. And mandatory naps. Even for the 5-year-old. He says, “Five-year-olds don’t take naps.” To which I replied, “Well, in my house, 5-year-olds take naps!”

I love my kids dearly; I just can’t stand the fighting. I’m just hoping with lots of planning, this summer won’t turn out with me in a locked padded room.

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